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Soybeans, Pork Bellies, and Diamonds: the Power of Financialization

For as long as most of us remember, commodities as diverse as crude oil, gold and soybeans have been traded as financial assets. Forty-seven commodities, including frozen concentrated orange juice and recycled steel, currently trade on 12 global exchanges. While trading these materials dates to the dawn of civilization, the financialization of commodities, enabling their trade as financial products,… Continued »

The Transformation of Diamonds

Until the early nineties, the global diamond business was a closely knit, hierarchical pipeline, where all participants knew their place as the precious pebbles moved from the mine to the market. Everyone understood that the industry’s oxygen was controlled by a single, all mighty entity, which used its undisputed power with meticulous care and determination.… Continued »


Precious Metals Dealer Releases Breakthrough Diamond Investment Option in U.S., Offering Financialized Diamonds Worth Up to $250,000

New York, NY, USA – December 20, 2016 – Money Metals Exchange, a leading U.S. precious metals dealer, has begun offering VULT diamond investment units to its investor community.

Recently named precious metals “Dealer of the Year” by industry ratings group Bullion.Directory,  Money Metals news reaches over 1,100,000 readers.… Continued »


The War on Cash Continues

The enemies of cash are at it again…and again…and again. Around the globe the government solution to every crisis (made up or real) seems to devolve towards removing the ability of normal citizens to take their money and either leave or use it in a way not deemed “proper” by the powers that be.… Continued »

The War on Cash

Portable Wealth in Uncertain Times

The Past is Always Prologue

Since 1971, the year Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold, fiat currencies have been used as the accepted store of wealth and medium of exchange. And globally today’s currencies are backed by nothing except confidence.

Now, as governments and central banks pursue questionable policies and politicians reach further into the lives of their citizens,… Continued »


Limited edition VULT created to celebrate the 45th UAE National day

Secured Worldwide announced it has designed a limited edition of a VULT unit to celebrate the upcoming 45th United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Day, also known as the “Spirit of the Union.” This VULT unit is an especially valuable hand-made unit that holds seven diamonds, each representing an Emirate of the Union.

Only 45 pieces will be made for the occasion,… Continued »