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30 Day No-question Money-Back Guarantee

To offer complete peace of mind, any VULT purchased from any authorized seller may be returned for a full, no questions asked refund within the first 30 days after purchase. This unconditional return policy is subject only to the terms and conditions described in the policy below.


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Use the VULT Exchange to buy or sell VULTs with other owners(*)

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(*)   Requires opening a VULT Account for trading

30-Day Money-Back Policy

A VULT purchased directly from Secured Worldwide or an authorized seller may be returned for a full refund within the first thirty (30) days after purchase (“Return Period”), subject to the terms and conditions described in this policy. The original customer may request a return by contacting the authorized seller, in person at a VULT office or by sending a return request by email to Secured Worldwide will provide the customer a return form, which must be completed and returned either in person or by email. The return form must include the following information:
Customer name
Original delivery address
A scan of the original invoice
A brief description of the reason(s) for the return
Wire transfer instructions
Customer signature
The customer is responsible for delivering the VULT to the Authorized Seller location or Secured Worldwide office from which it was purchased. After receipt and satisfactory inspection of the VULT and all packaging materials, Secured Worldwide will remit an amount equal to the original purchase price to the customer by wire transfer in the same currency as, and to the same bank account from which Secured Worldwide received, the original purchase price.