Limited edition VULT created to celebrate the 45th UAE National day

Secured Worldwide announced it has designed a limited edition of a VULT unit to celebrate the upcoming 45th United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Day, also known as the “Spirit of the Union.” This VULT unit is an especially valuable hand-made unit that holds seven diamonds, each representing an Emirate of the Union.

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Physicists Propose Flawed Diamonds for Data Storage

A team of scientists claims that flawed, inexpensive industrial diamonds can be used for storing the massive amount of data that modern digital activity generates. Well beyond the capacity of a DVD or other current physical data storage, these diamond-based file stores would unlock a 3rd dimension for all of our bits and bytes. 

While VULT represents a massive storage of wealth in a very small format using the density of very valuable, investment-grade, natural diamonds coupled with leading-edge technology, this idea would realize somewhat the opposite, using tech to insert massive amounts of valuable data into flawed, low-quality, cheap, even manmade diamonds. 

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Singapore Launches Public Diamond Exchange

The Wall Street Journal reports that a newly-formed public traded market for diamonds called the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX) is growing in volume. The goal of the Exchange is to create an investment market with publicly-available benchmark prices for investment-grade diamonds. The company is partly owned by the Singapore state-investment fund.

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Watch: Retired GIA President Bill Boyajian on VULT

Bill was with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for 31 years, and was their global President for the last 20 years before recently retiring. We are privileged to have him on our Board.

Diamonds: The Breakthrough Investment

Diamonds are largely mined by a handful of companies, often in remote parts of the world. They are then sold, cut, polished, resold worldwide. DeBeers and their advertising agency were perfectly successful in creating the accepted perception of diamonds still promoted today and with few exceptions all diamonds are ultimately purchased for luxury and love through a fragmented and opaque process.

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Who are the enemies of cash?

Who are the “movers and shakers” working toward banning the use of cash as a means of exchange…and why?

“The elimination of physical cash isn’t some hypothetical possibility for the distant future; it’s a goal actively sought by many international movers and shakers, and one that’s nearing fruition in several countries,” writes Reason Magazine!

Read the full article here: Cash Means Freedom, Which Is Why So Many Officials Hate It