A Bright Future For Investment-Grade Diamonds

Are Soybeans and Diamonds alike? Don’t miss our new article on the financialization of diamonds here.

The seller of two of the three most expensive diamonds ever sold at auction, Ehud Laniado, was the subject of a recent article in “Square Mile” magazine.

When asked about why diamonds have a strong forecast as a financial tool, he replied that diamonds are “rare, which makes them increasingly attractive to investors.” In fact investment-quality stones are even more hard to find, “out of 127 million carats of rough diamonds mined in 2015, only 1.8 million carats of diamonds — that’s 1.42% –were fit as a wealth preservation asset” as defined by experts.

Laniado sees prices continuing to increase as “demand for diamonds is predicted to outpace supply in the coming years as many diamond mines reach the end of their lifespans and global mining companies have invested billions to discover new diamond sources with relatively little success”.

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