360° Interview with CEO Joseph Lipton & Tour of Secured Woldwide’s VULT Lab Anti-Fraud Technology

Secured Worldwide LLC, the inventors of the VULT diamond-based asset, recently had the honor to host an immersive interview with the producer of the TEDxFultonStreet conference series.

Captured on 360° interactive video at VULT’s headquarters in the high-security International Gem Tower in mid-town New York City, the far-ranging interview was between Secured Worldwide LLC CEO, A. Joseph Lipton and TEDxFultonStreet Producer and start-up CEO and conference producer Aaron Sylvan.

The talk explores a breakthrough opportunity created for wealth storage and transportation where modern, multi-patented security technology to prevent fraud is matched with the dense value of high-quality diamonds. Simply put, VULT allows anyone to carry up to $250,000 in their pocket, confident in the underlying value anywhere on the globe.

The TEDxFultonStreet producers also toured the laboratory where VULTs are built to order using a patented process to house investment-quality GIA-Graded diamonds into a proprietary multi-layer mix of physical security which includes a non-metallic sintered zirconium case, high-tech resin embedded with randomized optical identification, and other measures to prevent alteration and fraud. Additionally, Secured Worldwide has a no-questions-asked 30-Day money-back guarantee for all VULT purchases.